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Alignent Software - Enterprise Roadmapping and Innovation Management Solutions.URL

Bridgestone polyethylene terephthalate -e-paper- - Google Search.URL

E Ink Corporation Home.URL

EACommunity - Information and Interaction for the Enterprise Architecture Community.URL

Enterprise Architecture Executive Council.URL

Enterprise Architecture Interest Group (EAIG) Home Page.URL

Enterprise Architecture, Architecting the digital world of Organizations and Technology..URL

Microsoft Patterns & Practices.URL

Microsoft User Group Collaboration Portal.URL

NASCIO Adaptive Enterprise Architecture.URL

ND Enterprise Architecture Home Page.URL

NetApp - TechTalk - On Demand Webcasts.URL

Open Group Architectural Framework.URL

Paper-thin plastic screens.URL

Resolutions Enterprises.URL

SOA antipatterns.URL

State of Arizona.URL

State of Connecticut.URL

State of Kentucky.URL

State of Massachusets.URL

State of North Carolina.URL

State of Ohio.URL

System Architect V9.1.URL

Technology Roadmapping User Group.URL

U.S. Treasury - Enterprise Architecture.URL

International Paper

Demonstration Initiatives Docs.URL

IP Drivers Logo Usage.URL

IT eBusiness Initiatives Database.URL


Telephone & Workstation Information.URL

New Stuff

Cost of Living Salary Calculator.URL

Linux email servers offer scalability and flexibility - Scalix.URL

NTSB - TWA 800 Public Hearing.URL

The IP Company Store.URL

Why PCs Crash, and Mainframes Don't.URL



Sun Microsystems.URL

Sun Users Performance Group.URL

The Desktop as a Grid Service.URL

Think Thin.URL

» How to deploy Windows software on Sun Ray - AskBloggie - ZDNet.com.URL

Microsoft Solution for Securing Wireless LANs.URL


SAP AG Germany.URL


SAP Benchmarks.URL

Welcome to SAP.URL

Airport Parking.URL

BlackBerry Internet Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server.URL

Business Travel Centre.URL

Cold-War History in Manchester.URL

Declining IBM E-Mail Penetration.URL

Eastover - Maintenance SharePoint Universe.URL

Employee Purchase Program.URL

Home - Rick's Blog.URL

Home - Team Site.URL


Ilim Pulp Map.URL

Internet Explorer 7 Testing Site.URL

Lotus Sametime Connect - Ben A Moore_IT_IPAPER.URL

Mastering Babel _ Computerworld Resources_Research Story.URL

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Edition Comparison - Windows SharePoint Services - Microsoft Office Online.URL


Netweaver Developer Handbook.URL

Notes Webmail.URL

Outsourcing Woes Trouble Leading Companies - InformationWeek.URL

Political Savvy_ Have you got it_.URL

RPM Project Reporting Dashboard.URL

SAP TechEd Keynote.URL



Sudo Main Page.URL

TAIS Business Report (Classic) for Ben Moore.URL

Technology Intranet.URL

The Microsoft Platform Leverage Your Notes Investment.URL

The rise and fall of Netscape.URL

The Unix Guardian--The Costs of Data Breaches Continues to Rise, Says Ponemon.URL

TP X20, X21, X22, X23, X24 - Software and Device Drivers.URL

TruePath Technologies - Enterprise Monitoring Service Provider - Free WebSite Monitoring.URL


Wily Technology.URL

Ben's Favorite Places


Bloglines - My Feeds.URL

Brian Reithel's Blog.URL

RSS Buttons for Your Blog from Online Marketing Blog.URL




Kaminari, USA. [ 1.800.BUY.KITT ].URL

Stillen - Search Results - +STILLEN REAR WING 03-06 350Z-TYPE 1 (COUPE ONLY) URETHANE.URL

Auto leasing lease payment calculator.URL

Border Tire Inc..URL

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides.URL

Griot's Garage - Griot's Garage. Car Care for the Perfectionist!.URL

Kelley Blue Book - Free Pricing Reports.URL

Payment Calculator.URL


Swapalease -- Home.URL

Why do some countries drive on the right and others on the left -.URL


Camera Controllers - Multiplexors - Color Outdoor Bullet Camera - CL101.URL

Color Security Camera With Outdoor Night Vision.URL

Video Modulators - HomeTech Solutions.URL

Cell Interconnect

Acess Point STAP-100.URL

Bluetooth router- Cellular calls at landline rates - Phoneyworld.com.URL

CellDock100 - Cell Phone to Land Line interface.URL

John K. Davis, Technology Coach- It Works!.URL

PhoneLabs Dock-N-Talk Bluetooth Adapter BT01.URL

Suprecell - dialCell - CellSocket - Cellular Docking Stations - PBX's - Call Restrictors, Transform your Cellphone in a Landli.URL


XLink Cellular Gateway - Cellular Bluetooth.URL

CLIE Stuff

CF Drivers for CLIE.URL

Clie CF Utility.URL


Ecamm Network_ BeamPRO For Palm OS.URL

Palm Infocenter.com -The latest Palm OS industry news.URL

PalmOS 5.0 Based Sony Clie NX60 Review.URL

Sony CLIÉ Handheld Support.URL

DNS Tools

DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD).URL


Squish DNS Checker.URL

DVD Burning

Afonic DVD-Rip Guides.URL

Build Your Own PVR.URL

DVD+RW _ DVDplusRW.org - The ultimate unofficial DVD+RW & DVD+R resource site.URL

DVD-HQ _ Configuring TMPGEnc for high-quality, DVD-compliant MPEG-2 © Rui del-Negro 2003.URL

DVDRhelp.com Forums __ View topic - Render DVDs in Half D1 352x480.URL

DVDVideoSoft.com Download FREE DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware.URL

Free Audio Extractor, Extract audio from video, Convert AVI MPEG WMV MOV MP4 3GP to MP3, WAV, AC3.URL

HuffYUV 2.2.0.URL

ratDVD- A new way to compress your DVDs.URL

SatLogo Index.URL



AutoWeek Online.URL

Car and Driver.URL

Cycle World.URL

PC World Online.URL

Road & Track Online.URL

ZDNet_ PC Magazine.URL

Ziff-Davis Magazines.URL

F1 Stuff

A1 Grand Prix.URL

Electronic Telegraph Motor Sports.URL


Ferrari - The Official Website.URL

FIA Championships.URL

Formula1.com - the definitive Formula One web site..URL

Paul-Henri Cahier's MotorSite.URL

Starnews.com _ Sports.URL


C O P I K S - PhotoMapper.URL

Columbus V-900.URL

GeoSetter for Windows.URL

GPSLogger Homepage - 100% free Software for BlackBerry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher.URL


NoteM v1.21.URL



The Core Pocket Media Player - About TCPMP.URL


EphPod - iPod for Windows (and Linux) -- HOME.URL

RoadTrip FM Transmitter plus Apple iPod Charger. Works with an... at OtherWorldComputing.com.URL

The Mp3-Tag Studio Homepage.URL


Cut & Paste Java analog Clock with Date.URL

Image Menus for Everyone.URL


Timothy's Javascript Examples.URL


Here is the TTS hack for those who bought Mio C320 on BF - SlickDeals.net Forums.URL

iGo POI Explorer.URL

Mio C320 Full Review - GPS Lodge - GPSLodge.com.URL


Power Cradle with built-in speaker for Mio C320, C520 - Mount for Mio.URL

Review- Mio C310x Review by GPS Lodge - GPS Lodge.com.URL


TomTom One LE (Limited Edition) - GPS Review Forums.URL



2002 Honda VFR 800 Interceptor - Feature Review - Motorcyclist Online - Motorcyclist Magazine.URL

A Cigarette Lighter Socket on my Sporty.URL

Ask.com Directions from 3232 Players Club Pky, Memphis, TN 38125 to 465 Village Pky, Southaven, MS 38671.URL


Honda Heli Bars.URL

Honda VFR Club - powered by vBulletin.URL

Hyper Lites Motorcycle Auxiliary Stop & Running Lights, Sampson Long Distance Motorcycle Products.URL

imotorcyclestore.com - BYT Conventional 12 Volt Batteries.URL

Intelligent Brake Light Flasher - $29.95 Comagination VisiStop.URL

Lake Hills Honda.URL

Mag-Knight's Homepage.URL

Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.URL

Motorcycle Batteries - Texas Battery Company.URL

Motorcycle Batteries.URL

Revamped Honda 2002 Interceptor - Motorcycle Escape.URL

Ride Planner.URL


Superior Battery Specifications.URL


VF500F - Magazine Articles.URL

VFR Discussion Group.URL

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A Brief History of CPUs 31 Awesome Years of x86.URL


CPU guide.URL

Linux ISO Images.URL

Norton Ghost Guide.URL

OldVersion.com - old versions of your favorite software.URL

Partition Saving_ point d'entrée _ entry point.URL

PC Plus Magazine Online - Home Page.URL

System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!.URL

Tech Support Alert's best tech support sites on the Web.URL

Tech Support Guy Forums.URL

The INQ guide to silencing a PC.URL

Time To Check Your CDRs.URL

Tom's Hardware Guide.URL

UDRW Technology auto run USB.URL

Ultimate Boot CD.URL

USB - port, 1.1, 2.0 - Everything USB.URL

Westell Info.URL

Wim's BIOS Page.URL


IT Conversations.URL

Yahoo! Podcasts.URL



Welcome to the ReplayTV Hacking Project!.URL

ThinkPad Stuff

Drivers and software - ThinkPad X100e.URL

History of the ThinkPad photo gallery.URL

IBM 12P4064 Laptop Battery.URL

IBM Thinkpad Keyboard Unit ( Space Save Ii) - 28L3644.URL

Lenovo Support & downloads - Drivers and software - ThinkPad T61, T61p.URL

Mighty Mouse Keyboard - Raven Black.URL

ThinkPad - Software and Device Drivers.URL

ThinkPad Keyboard - 55Y9003.URL

ThinkPad Memory.URL

ThinkPad T23 Overview.URL


ThinkWiki - ThinkWiki.URL

TP 600 - Device Driver File Matrix.URL

TP 600X - Product Overview.URL

TP 760ELD - Software and Drivers.URL

TP T20 - Product information.URL

TP T20 - Product Overview.URL

TP T20 - Software and Device Drivers.URL

TP T23 - Device Drivers.URL

TP T42 - Software and Device Drivers.URL

TP X20 - Product Information.URL

TP X21 - Product Information.URL

TP X21 - Product Overview.URL

TP X2x - Device Drivers.URL

TP X40 Drivers and software.URL



CallRec - Lockergnome's Mobile Lifestyle.URL

Cingular Device Help.URL

GoTalkMobile - A Google Talk client for J2ME cell phones.URL

Handango Palm Treo 650 Software by Inkmark Software, LLC.URL

Movies on a Smartphone.URL

Palm - Support - Treo™ 650 (Cingular and former AT&T Wireless Customers).URL

palm Treo 650 Review.URL


palmOne - Products - Graffiti 2 Writing Software.URL

palmOne - Products - Treo 650 Smartphone.URL

Personal Audio Recorder.URL

rentzsch.com- Google Local for mobile on the Treo 650.URL

Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera.URL

Tethering PalmOne Treo 650 to Windows XP using Belkin USB Bluetooth Adaptor via Dial-up Networking..URL

Treo 650 tips and tricks - Engadget - www.engadget.com.URL

Treo Downloads - Graffiti 1 Files for Treo 600 - System Tools.URL

Treo Downloads - PalmPDF - Other Applications.URL

TreoCentral.com - Key sound doesn't want to stay off.URL

treocentral.com -- Your #1 resource for the Treo Smartphone.URL

Treonauts Shop.URL


Windows 9X_2000_XP

Active SMART - Hard drive diagnostic and failure prediction using S.M.A.R.T. technology.URL

Afraid Of Re-installing Windows XP.URL

Ammyy Admin - Free Remote Desktop.URL


at Command Syntax.URL

Autonomic data protection, your file system life saver.URL



Backup software for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows and Linux - Acronis.URL


BeInSync - Secure Remote Access, File Sync and Online Backup Software.URL

Boot Disks.URL

Computing.Net - how to prevent file search in zip files_.URL

CrossLoop - Simple Secure Screen Sharing.URL

Customize Internet Explorer.URL

Data Recovery Software - File System Utilities - DriveImage XML.URL



FILExt - The File Extension Source.URL


Foxit PDF Reader.URL

Get rid of welcome screen with autologon.URL

How To Safely Store And Manage Passwords.URL

How-to- Remotely shut down your computer.URL

ISO Recorder v 2.URL

Kerio Technologies Inc. - Kerio Personal Firewall - Download.URL


Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA).URL

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Hardware - Remote Keyboard for Windows® XP Media Center Edition.URL

MobileAssistant - You're the key.URL

MS-TNEF degenerator - winmail.dat.URL

My Favorite Smallware -- MarkTAW.com.URL

NirSoft- freeware utilities, password recovery tools, system utilities.URL

nLite - Deployment Tool for Unattended Windows.URL


pdf995_ create PDF documents quickly and affordably.URL


RegEdit _ The Windows Registry Editor.URL

Retrospect 7 for Windows Professional review by PC Magazine.URL

RyanVM's MSFN Files Page.URL

RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack.URL

Software Inspector - Secunia.URL

SyncToy for Windows XP.URL

Sysinternals Freeware.URL

tag2find - better than searching - tag everything on your desktop.URL

TeamViewer - Free Remote Desktop.URL

The Evil Empire - Anti-Microsoft News.URL

The History of Microsoft Windows CE - Index & Humble Beginnings - HPC Factor.URL

ThinDownload - Thinstall.URL

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows XP-2000 and Linux.URL

Trust-No-Exe - An executable filter for Windows NT-2000-XP.URL

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows.URL

Using the Hosts File.URL

Welcome to Microsoft Product Support Services.URL

WinDirStat Home Page.URL

Windows XP - The Elder Geek on Windows XP - Tips, Tweaks, Registry Edits for Home or Pro XP Use.URL

Windows XP Kernel Enhancements.URL

Windows XP Professional File Sharing.URL

Winmail Opener - freeware utility for opening winmail.dat and other TNEF-encoded files.URL

WinToFlash - Install Windows from USB.URL

World of Windows Networking.URL

XP Tweaking Guide.URL

XP's Little-Known 'Rebuild' Command.URL

XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option.URL

Windows Vista

AVG Free Advisor- AVG Anti-Virus Free.URL

How to Install Vista from USB- Pen drive BizzNtech.URL

Missing Remote Desktop.URL

Windows Vista- How to Make Windows Vista Less Annoying.URL

WWW Resources

A History of Search Engines.URL


Addr.com Web Hosting.URL

Adobe - Flash Player - Settings Manager.URL

All CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically.URL

AmphetaDesk - XML Feeds.URL

Anything Email - Service Agreement.URL

ARIN_ WHOIS Database Search.URL

Bandwidth Calculator, Byte Converter, Bit Calculator - Edoceo, Inc..URL

BellSouth DSL Forum FAQ.URL

BellSouth FastAccess Speed Test.URL

BoardReader.com_ Homepage.URL

Box.net-lite - Share files on facebook notes, myspace, blogs, and more.URL

Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial.URL

Checkdomain.com is the worldwide whois domain search site.URL

Create a Google Talk chatback badge.URL

CSS and XHTML Tutorials.URL



Display Google Page Rank.URL

dodgeit - free. receive-only. email. no set up. rss..URL

DSL - DSLreports.com - the place for BROADBAND.URL

Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!.URL

FavIcon from Pics -- how to create a favicon.ico for your website.URL

Feed Validator for Atom and RSS.URL

FileSearching.com - search for files on ftp servers worldwide.URL

Find Other Web Sites Hosted on a Web Server.URL


FTP Search.URL

Gallery __ your photos on your website.URL

GetBot - the Web's first batch downloader.URL

GMail Drive shell extension.URL

Google I'm Feeling Lucky.URL

Google Logo Maker.URL

Google Maps API Documentation.URL

Guide to Cascading Style Sheets.URL

Haute Secure- free software to protect your computer from malware.URL

Hey Norton! - Ken Norton's blog - Synchronizing files and emails between PCs.URL

Highlight image Script.URL

How to setup ssh to tunnel VNC traffic throught the Internet.URL

HOW-TO- Make your own annotated multimedia Google map - Engadget - www.engadget.com.URL

HTTrack Website Copier.URL

Internet Connection Speedometer.URL

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help.URL

InterNIC's Whois.URL

John R. Pattison - FolderShare - Wow this is neat!.URL

johnny.ihackstuff.com __ I'm j0hnny. I hack stuff..URL

Junk Email Filter dot com.URL

KeepVid- Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion!.URL

Mail2Web Gateway.URL

mailto Encoder.URL

MailTo Protector 3.0.URL

meebo.com - Multi-protocol AIM Jabber Yahoo MSN.URL

MIS-410 Spring 2003 Syllabus.URL

myIPneighbors.com Reverse IP Domain Check DNS Tool.URL

NCSA HTTPd Tutorials.URL

Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System.URL

Online image editor pixlr.URL

Online JPEG Compressor.URL

outfront.net - Microsoft FrontPage Learning Community.URL

PDF Unlock Online Utility.URL

plone.org - Welcome to plone.org.URL

Portello, the web editor for fast and simple editing.URL

PowerFolder - like FolderShare.URL

Real-time HTML Editor.URL

ResizR - Easy online image resize.URL

RFC 1893 - Mail System Status Codes.URL

RFC 2516 - A Method for Transmitting PPPoE.URL

Sam Spade Tools.URL

Sender ID Framework SPF Record Wizard.URL

Sendmail Home Page.URL

Statistics of www.desotonet.com.URL

Sveasoft - Firmware for Linksys Routers.URL

The Ethical Hacker Network - Google Hacking- Ten Simple Security Searches That Work.URL

The mailto URL scheme.URL

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Personal Wikis - Stepcase Lifehack.URL

Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl [CGI & Perl Tutorials].URL

URL Revealer.URL

URLinfo is a tool for handling web pages.URL

Virtual Tourist World Map.URL

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.URL

WallCooler VPN - Remote Access and Network Sharing Solution.URL

Web Page Analyzer - free website optimization tool website speed test check website performance report from web site optimizat.URL

Web Page Analyzer.URL

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer.URL

Web Workshop - FrontPage Tutorial Overview.URL





What's that site running.URL

When and how to use internet image formats.URL


www.mapchannels.com - Dual Maps.URL

Zoho - Web Office.URL

9-11 - 2-1-2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC - Google Video.URL

A Life for the Confederacy.URL

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter.URL

Airport Codes_ The ABC's A History and Explanation.URL

alphaWorks - Emerging technologies.URL

AOL Quick Buddy.URL

Bill Gates Mugshot.URL

Broadband Home Central_ Home.URL

Chernobyl on a Motorcycle.URL

D-LINK DI-624 Emulator.URL

D-LINK WBR-2310 Emulator.URL

Dante's DIAX Software IP Phone.URL

DIR-655 Emulator.URL

drphilgood's OleMiss GIFs.URL

FedEx SuperHub.URL

Flash Earth.URL

Free Converter to PDF.URL


http --bsminfo.com-index.php option=com_jambozine&layout=article&view=page&aid=3838.URL

Hurricane.StormReportMap.com -- An Interactive Look at Hurricane Tracks.URL

International Numbering Plans.URL


JoEllen Irizarry & Peter Brannon.URL

Khayat squelches mascot rumors.URL

Knoppix Linux.URL

Last Freeware version.URL

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy.URL

MAlbumScript - Maulik's Album JavaScript.URL

Manage AT&T SMS Settings.URL

Marshall County Tax Assessor.URL

Maryland- Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents.URL


Medon,Tennessee the Early Days.URL

Memphis, TN - HDTV - AVS Forum.URL

mobaganda - Electronic Invitations.URL

Moore Genealogy - North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.URL

Mortgage Calculator.URL

OSL Support.URL

Paint.NET - Home.URL

pcAlchemy - SageTV stuff.URL

PDP and APN Types (KB41477).URL


Photo of Earth from Shuttle.URL


PhotoRec - CGSecurity.URL

PXN8.COM - Online Photo Editor.URL


Relax, Rebels fans.URL

Rives, Leavell & Co. - Church and Non-Profit Financing Specialists.URL

SA 8300 HD Tips & Tricks -- SARA - AVS Forum.URL

Shelby County Assessor of Property.URL


Snipshot- Edit pictures online.URL

T616 Tips.URL

TDH - Restaurant Inspection Scores- Search Entry.URL

The Longest Wire on Earth.URL

The Power User's BlackBerry Guide.URL

Thistledome Inn- Historic Bed & Breakfast, Weddings & Events in the Memphis, TN Area.URL


UFT Frequently Asked Questions.URL


Vista to Ubuntu (100%) « Lucky Tec.URL

Wanderlust Writings of Sam Lepore.URL

What Is RSS- RSS Explained - www.WhatIsRSS.com.URL

WiTopia -- personalVPN.URL

Yahoo! Health Drug Index.URL


Goodman and Getwell.URL

Goodman and Hwy. 51.URL

WeatherNet_ Weather Cams.URL

International Paper

Change Internet Password.URL

Disaster Recovery EMAIL - EAS.URL

IP Web Shop.URL

IPNET Homepage.URL

IT Regional Support.URL

Welcome to My-Help!.URL


Suggested Sites.url

Web Slice Gallery.url

Links for United States

New folder

New Stuff

BellSouth Account Information.URL

Confederate Flags (United States).URL

Cool Quotes Page.URL

Flags Over Mississippi.URL

Jesse Winchester's Studio.URL

Mississippi HistoryNow.URL

Modern Riddle of the Ancient Sphinx Index (Morgana's Observatory).URL

Opensecrets.org--Money in politics data.URL

Steve Vick's Web Page.URL

The Battery Station.URL

News Sources

CNN Interactive.URL

Daily Rotation.URL

Drudge Report.URL




TIME World Wide Web.URL


DeSoto Times Today Online.URL

Recent Dilbert ® Strips.URL

The Clarion Ledger.URL

The Commercial Appeal.URL

The Glascow Daily Record and Sunday Mail Online.URL

The London Times.URL

The Memphis Flyer.URL

The San Jose Mercury News.URL

The South Reporter.URL

The St Petersburg Times.URL

trib.com Home Page.URL

Tupelo Daily Journal.URL



Bola Pasta, Forest Hill-Irene - 901-757-5609.URL

bronte - Davis-Kidd - 901-374-0881.URL

Downtown Grill - Oxford - 662-234-2659.URL

Folk's Folly - 901-762-8200.URL

Holiday Deli & Ham - Hack's Cross - 901-524-4848.URL

Interim- Restaurant & Bar - 901-818-0821.URL

McAlister's Deli - 975 E. Goodman - 662-349-3354.URL

Memphis Pizza Cafe - 5627 Getwell - 662-536-1364.URL

Mesquite Chop House - 662-890-2467.URL

Muddy’s Bake Shop - 5101 Sanderlin - 901-683-8844.URL

Stella - 39 S. Main - 901-526-4950.URL

Taste of DeSoto.URL

The Hollywood Cafe - 662-363-1225.URL

The Majestic Grille - 145 S. Main - 901-522-8555.URL

Timbeaux's on the Square - 662-429-0500.URL

Search Engines

A Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.URL

AnyWho_ Reverse Telephone Number Search.URL

Ask.com - Search Blogs & Feeds.URL

Google MyWay - How to search Google efficiently.URL


Infospace Reverse Lookup.URL

Technorati- What's happening on the Web right now.URL

TelcoData.us Telecommunications Database.URL

Yahoo Search.URL

yahoo! vs. google- synerge.URL

Sha's Favorite Places

Anchors Online.URL

Delta Gamma - Alpha Psi.URL

Delta Gamma Fratenity History.URL


John's Gallery.URL


Appliances at Appliances Online US- Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Maytag Appliances, Discount Appliances.URL

Barnes & Noble.com - International Paper Store Front.URL


CNET Shopper.com.URL

Cole Haan.URL


Computer Discount Warehouse.URL

Daniel A. Moore - The Downtown Gallery.URL

DealExtreme- Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping.URL


Free After Rebate.URL

Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges & Printer Supplies.URL

Insight_ Computers, Hardware & Software.URL

Johnston & Murphy.URL


MarketPro - Computer Show Schedule.URL


PC Catalog's Buyers' Directory LaunchPad.URL

Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine.URL




RetroBox.com- Quality Used Computers.URL

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Zappos.com - Fast FREE Shipping, 365-Day Return Policy, HUGE selection of dress shoes, casual shoes, athl.URL

The Computer Geeks Discount Outlet.URL



Uniden - A World Without Wires - CLX485.URL

Travel Stuff


Canada_Montreal Home Page.URL

Canada_Quebec City.URL

Canada_Quebec-Hôtel Le Saint-Paul.URL

Halifax_Chives Canadian Bistro.URL

Halifax_Halliburton House Inn.URL

Halifax_King Edward Inn.URL

Halifax_Waverley Inn.URL

Victoria_Chateau Victoria Hotel.URL



Victoria_Oak Bay Beach Hotel.URL

Victoria_Queen Victoria Hotel.URL

Victoria_Tourism Victoria.URL

Victoria_Vancouver Island.URL


Avebury - Google Map.URL

Avebury stone circle 2003 live web cam.URL

Avebury Stone Circle.URL

Edward II and the Poker Business.URL


England_Bowers Hill Farm.URL

England_Flight Comparison.URL

England_London Net - the net magazine guide to London.URL

England_London Rob's House (MultiMap).URL

England_London thetube.com.URL

England_London Visitor Card.URL



England_Stow Lodge Hotel.URL

England_The King's Head.URL

England_Tower of London.URL

England_Walking Tours Of London.URL

Green Flag Motoring Assistance.URL

Hampton Court Maze.URL

VisitOrkney - the official Orkney tourism website.URL


France_Chateau Versailles.URL

France_Château Eza.URL

France_French Rail (SNCF).URL

France_Paris Bateaux Mouches.URL

France_Paris Hotel du Continent (map).URL

France_Paris Hotel du Continent.URL

France_Paris Subway Map.URL

France_Paris Yellow Pages (with photos).URL

France_Paris-Hotel Abbatial Saint Germain.URL

France_Paris-Hotel d'Albe.URL

France_Paris-Hotel des Jardins du Luxembourg.URL

France_Paris-Hotel du Mont Blanc.URL

France_Paris-Hôtel Cluny Sorbonne.URL

France_Paris-Hôtel de Suez.URL

France_Paris-Hôtel Le Notre-Dame.URL

France_Paris-Hôtel Saint Jacques.URL

France_Paris-Les Argonautes Hotel.URL


France_The Paris Pages.URL

France_Vacation Adventure.URL

France_WebMuseum Bienvenue!.URL

France_Welcome to Chamonix Mont-Blanc.URL

France_Welcome to Crémieu.URL

France_Welcome to Eze.URL

Nathalie's House.URL


Ashgrove House - B&B in Bunratty, County Clare, Ireland - Bed and breakfast.URL

Carrigann Hotel, Lisdoonvarna.URL


Clonmacnoise, Ireland.URL

Craig Park, Bushmills, Northern Ireland - Accommodation.URL

Dingle Harbour Lodge, on the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland..URL

Dunaoibhinn Bed & Breakfast.URL

Galley Head Lightkeepers House, Galley Head Lighthouse, Cork Lighthouse, West Cork Lighthouse - The Irish Landmark Trust Limit.URL


Ireland_an Interactive Country Guide.URL

Ireland_Dublin-Howth View B&B.URL

Ireland_Old Killarney.URL

Ireland_Robinia B&B - Friend of Peg's.URL

Killarney Bed and Breakfast, Mystical Rose Guest House Killarney Co.Kerry.URL

Kinsale B&B Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Kinsale Kilcaw House.URL

Long Quay House Deasys Accommodation, Long Quay, Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland.URL

Rick Steves' Europe- Guidebook Feedback.URL


Cinque Terre - 36 Hours in the Cinque Terre, Italy - New York Times.URL

Cinque Terre - Hotel La Colonnina , Monterosso al Mare.URL

Cinque Terre - Hotel Margherita nelle.URL

Cinque Terre - Hotel Pasquale - Monterosso al Mare.URL

Cinque Terre - Italy.URL

Cinque Terre - Keith Carter.URL

Italy_Civita di Bagnoregio.URL


Italy_Florence Hotels.URL

Italy_Florence-Hotel Accademia.URL

Italy_Florence-Hotel Casci.URL

Italy_Florence-Inn Soggiorno Pezzati Daniela.URL

Italy_Hotel Romantica Pucci - Bagnoregio - lazio - umbria.URL

Italy_Il Borro Farmhouse.URL


Italy_Our Trip to Italy.URL

Italy_Rick Steves.URL

Italy_Rome Subway Map.URL

Italy_Rome-Hotel Aberdeen.URL

Italy_Rome-Hotel Cortina.URL

Italy_Rome-Hotel Oceania.URL

Italy_Skiing in Courmayeur Italy, Ski Courmayeur, Ski Mont Blanc, Courmayeur Hotels, Courmaye.URL

Italy_Venice for Visitors.URL

Italy_Venice-Antica Locanda al Gambero.URL

Italy_Venice-Antica Locanda Sturion.URL

Italy_Venice-Hotel Arcardia.URL

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Southern Food and Recipes - Southern-Style Recipes, Crockpot Recipes, Casserole Recipes, and More.URL

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STOKKE™ All products Innovative solutions for parents and children.URL

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